Touchless cleansing technology

NASCO SMART FLUSH เพียงแค่ปัด ก็ฟลัชสะอาด

Touchless cleansing technology

  • No need to touch, just wave for flushing.
  • No need to change a new toilet, just install “Smart flush” into the current tank.
  • Easy to install by yourself, without wiring.
  • When the battery runs out, a manual button is abled to use.
  • Energy saving by using the Alkaline batteries

Technical Data


  1. Recommend to use with Nasco model NC-8611S, NC-8688S, NC-8644S, NC-7681S, NC-7653S (Top push)
  2. For other brands.
    2.1 Recommend for top push function of one piece or two piece toilets.
    2.2 Suitable for tower outlet valve
    2.3 Tank space at least 9.5 x 9.5 cm from center of overflow pipe.
  3. The battery compartment uses 4pcs “AA” alkaline batteries, and 3 pcs “AAA” alkaline batteries for sensor unit.

How to install the driver module and the battery compartment.

Step 1 : Turn off the stop valve and flush the toilet.
Step 2 : Open the tank cover and take out the refill tube.
Step 3 : Put the bracket into the overflow and lock the nut.
Step 4 : Adjust the height of bracket to ensure normal flushing performance.
Step 5 : Close the tank cover.

How to install the sensor unit

Step 1 : The sensor unit can be installed freely in any place you want within 5 meters range from the driver module.
Step 2 : Install sensor unit to hanger.
Step 3 : Turn on the stop valve.
Step 4 : Ready to use.

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